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Stephen Whitmarsh stephen.whitmarsh at gmail.com
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Dear Eliana,

You could try creating a function that does all this preprocessing and then
writes the output to file.
If you then call this function in a (subject) loop you are sure that Matlab
will free up the memory it used for that function.

Perhaps it helps,


On 10 July 2012 16:57, Eliana Garcia <elilife at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello Dear Fieldtrip Community,
> I am having now problems with processing my data. I am analyzing a quite
> big data set with 400 trials that are composed by 10 sec (re-sampled at
> 150Hz). I am doing first a demean, then planar gradient transformation,
> time-frequency analysis using multitapers and then combine the planar
> gradient again. For the first subject always runs normally, but for the
> second one matlab gets really slow. I am taking care in deleting the
> variables that I create with big amount of data after I don't need them any
> more, so I am using just one big file that is being safe at the end
> (average time-frequency across trials) for each of the subjects. Every time
> matlab starts to analyze a new subject I am using clear all (with
> exceptions like directory and name of subject) but stills with every new
> subject it gets slower and slower.
> Do you have any advises to make the analysis faster? Sometimes is too slow
> and the computer normally crashes after 3 subjects.
> Thank you very much for the attention.
> Best,
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