[FieldTrip] problems with speed of processing

Eliana Garcia elilife at gmail.com
Tue Jul 10 16:57:25 CEST 2012

Hello Dear Fieldtrip Community,

I am having now problems with processing my data. I am analyzing a quite
big data set with 400 trials that are composed by 10 sec (re-sampled at
150Hz). I am doing first a demean, then planar gradient transformation,
time-frequency analysis using multitapers and then combine the planar
gradient again. For the first subject always runs normally, but for the
second one matlab gets really slow. I am taking care in deleting the
variables that I create with big amount of data after I don't need them any
more, so I am using just one big file that is being safe at the end
(average time-frequency across trials) for each of the subjects. Every time
matlab starts to analyze a new subject I am using clear all (with
exceptions like directory and name of subject) but stills with every new
subject it gets slower and slower.

Do you have any advises to make the analysis faster? Sometimes is too slow
and the computer normally crashes after 3 subjects.

Thank you very much for the attention.


Eliana García Cossio
Applied Neurotechnology Lab.
Graduate School of Neural and Behavioural Science - Max Planck Research
Institute of Medical Psychology and Behavioural Neurobiology
Universität Tübingen
(+0049) 01 577-8587604
Otfried-Müller-Str. 47, 72076
Tübingen- Germany
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