[FieldTrip] Importing '.mat' data in to fieldtrip

Roshan Nair rn77 at sussex.ac.uk
Wed Jul 11 05:25:36 CEST 2012


I have MEG/EEG data in '.mat' format(Biomag 2012 data analysis dataset).
The data is already epoched. It was straightforward to convert it in to the
required fieldtrip structure - {label, fsample, trial, time} and run
ft_databrowser on it. No problems so far.

However, I feel I might be going wrong with the following:-
1. The trials include data for STI(stimulus) channels(I believe its an
Elekta Neuromag Vectorview 306 system)? Is there a 'fieldtrip' way to
represent this. Is this what 'data.trialinfo' is for? If so, how should I
populate the trialinfo field.
2. The dataset comes with a file called 'design' with one entry(an
integer) per trial. This is the category of the
stimulus(living/non-living)presented to the subject for each trial. This is
the output my classifier will be trained on. I'm assuming fieldtrip has
some standard way of including this. I noticed, the multivariate analysis
mentions a parameter called 'design'.

Sorry, if thats confusing, but, I'm new to fieldtrip and MEG data.



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