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Dear Ivano,

I am forwarding your message and my reply to the discussion list again, 
so that others might benefit or add information.
What you see looks to me pretty much like a filter artifact, which is 
common to occur at the edges of your signal. In order to reduce these, 
you can think of changing the order of your filter or, more ideal in my 
opinion, use filterpadding. You can either let FieldTrip do that by 
specifying cfg.padding or by defining your trials in a wider range (e.g. 
add 1s pre and post time of interest) and then only plot the time of 
interest, with the knowledge that the 1s padding before and after is 
corrupted by filter artifacts.


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Hi Jorn,

in attach an example. you can see in the third slide on the right the 
channel that "goes down".

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Hi Ivano,

I don't understand your request exactly, could you attach an example 
figure and explain your issue by using that? Then I (or someone else) 
might be able to help you out.


On 7/3/2012 5:42 PM, Ivano Triggiani wrote:
> Hi all,
> I tried to use a simple cfg.bpfilter (0.1 - 40) for an EEG that I 
> divide into 2 secs époques and giving a look it seems that at the 
> board of every window the signal is reduced (just like following a 
> parabolic trend). Is this a problem of the brutal segmentation 
> (respect to a good windowing) or there's something else?
> Ivano
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