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Dear Olga,

indeed that there is a problem with the sensor definition. In addition 
to specifying neighbours, the channelrepair function needs to know the 
distance between channels.  Therefore, you need to provide a definition 
of the sensor position additionally. However, the error message you get 
is not the one you should see - there should be one that is more 
elaborate and intuitively understandable ;) Could you send me (outside 
the mailinglist) the whole error message, including the lines where this 
goes wrong? I will then fix the problem asap.

Btw, the ft_fetch_sens function has recently been moved to the 
FieldTrip/private folder, that means Matlab prevents you from seeing or 
calling the function directly, but if you just cd to that directory, you 
can access the file. Also, I just changed the error message that you 
should have seen to be more elaborate (will be available from tomorrow on).


On 2/2/2012 11:49 PM, Sysoeva, Olga Vladimirovna wrote:
> Dear group,
> Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug?
> I needed to do some bad channel interpolation for my dataset (epoched 
> data).
> So I found out that there is a ft_channel_repair function. And I tried 
> to use it in the following way.
> cfg = [];
> cfg.method        = 'distance'%, 'triangulation' or 'template' 
> (default = 'distance')
> cfg.neighbourdist = 4; % number, maximum distance between neighbouring 
> sensors (only for 'distance')
> cfg.layout        = 
> 'C:\Matlab_programs\Fieldtrip\My_Fieldtrip\EEG1010_modified32.lay';
> [neighbours] = ft_prepare_neighbours(cfg, data)
> cfg = [];
>   cfg.badchannel     = {'F4'};%cell-array, see FT_CHANNELSELECTION for 
> details
>   cfg.neighbours     = neighbours;
> [interp] = ft_channelrepair(cfg, data)
> But I'm getting the error ??? Reference to non-existent field 'pnt'.
> It seems to me that I'm not preparing the sensor(electrode) structure 
> correctly, but I couldn't find mistake. I do follow the tutorial. 
> There are a link that I need to prepare the electrode structure as in 
> ft_fetch_sens function, but I my version of Fieldtrip I do not have 
> this function.
> I'll appreciate any help,
> Best Regards,
> Olga.
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