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Johann Heinz Martínez Huartos johemart at gmail.com
Fri Nov 25 18:57:32 CET 2011


Thanks friend, at the end and just if anyone need this too, i had found the
solution by myself. that was just modifying a new cfg field that wasnt
described into the documentation of this function topoplot called:

cfg.fontsize = 12;

I saw this field wrote as default code in ft_topoplotER.m file as value of
8. In my case I prefered to use 12.

have a nice days friends


On 25 November 2011 18:38, Johann Heinz Martínez Huartos <johemart at gmail.com
> wrote:

> Hello dear fieldtripers.
> Im Johann and Im trying to draw a MEG head using FT_TOPOPLOTER( ), and
> everything is ok, but I dont know how can I resize o change the font size
> of the    cfg.comment = 'whatever'   which is one of the fields that im
> using to plot my head.
> at the time im using it, it just appear 'whatever' string in very very
> small font size.
> I only have found font size modiffiers for markers and markers
> highlighted, but never for comment ones.
> thanks a lot for the hand that anyone can give me.
> --
> Atentamente:
> Johann Martínez. M.Sc.

Johann Martínez. M.Sc.
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