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Alexandre Gramfort alexandre.gramfort at inria.fr
Wed Nov 16 14:33:17 CET 2011

Hello Vitória,

it's probably more relevant to ask your question about MNE on the MNE
mailing list:


you can also find the MNE manual and tutorials online:



disclaimer : I am one of the MNE developers.

Alexandre Gramfort, PhD
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2011/11/16 Vitória Magalhães Piai <vitoria.piai at gmail.com>:
> Hi,
> I'm following the tutorial on MNE on the Wiki. I'm now at
> export MNE_ROOT=<MNE directory>
> cd $MNE_ROOT/bin
> . ./mne_setup_sh
> export SUBJECTS_DIR=<Subject directory>
> export SUBJECT=Subject01
> When creating the source space, I get the error "Could not find the MRI data
> directory ..."
> I now have to the same directory as I had it for Freesurfer a few steps
> later:   export SUBJECTS_DIR=<Subject directory>
> On another Wiki page, I found the following:
> MNE requires to set up the same environmental variables as FS. It is because
> MNE will look for the MRI data that is processed by FS (therefore, it will
> look for directories that are made by FS). Therefore, SUBJECTS_DIR
> environmental variable should refer to that directory where the anatomical
> data is (pre-processed by FS), and SUBJECT should refer to the sub-directory
> of SUBJECTS_DIR where the anatomical data is from the person whose data is
> analyzed.
> <MNE ANALYSIS DIR>/subjects/<subject's name>: contains the output from FS
> I thought I had it right but I'm a bit confused now. What does MNE need
> exactly? I can't really figure out where it goes wrong from the MNE tutorial
> either.
> Thanx a lot, Vitória
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