[FieldTrip] Setting up MNE

Vitória Magalhães Piai vitoria.piai at gmail.com
Wed Nov 16 12:21:53 CET 2011


I'm following the tutorial on MNE on the Wiki. I'm now at

export MNE_ROOT=<MNE directory>
cd $MNE_ROOT/bin
. ./mne_setup_sh
export SUBJECTS_DIR=<Subject directory>
export SUBJECT=Subject01

When creating the source space, I get the error "/Could not find the MRI 
data//directory ..."
/I now have to the same directory as I had it for Freesurfer a few steps 
later:   export SUBJECTS_DIR=<Subject directory>

On another Wiki page, I found the following:

MNE requires to set up the same environmental variables as FS. It is 
because MNE will look for the MRI data that is processed by FS 
(therefore, it will look for directories that are made by FS). 
Therefore, *SUBJECTS_DIR* environmental variable should refer to that 
directory where the anatomical data is (pre-processed by FS), and 
*SUBJECT* should refer to the sub-directory of SUBJECTS_DIR where the 
anatomical data is from the person whose data is analyzed.

<MNE ANALYSIS DIR>/subjects/<subject's name>: contains the output from FS

I thought I had it right but I'm a bit confused now. What does MNE need 
exactly? I can't really figure out where it goes wrong from the MNE 
tutorial either.

Thanx a lot, Vitória

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