[FieldTrip] Align EEG electrode problem

Juan Pablo Neira jpnv2006 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 17 13:39:19 CET 2011


I am having problems using the 'Interactive method' of the
ft_electroderealign function.  After I align the electrodes, I closed
the figure to get the new position, but I got this error.
??? Reference to non-existent field 'pnt'.

Error in ==> ft_electroderealign at 489
    norm.chanpos   = warp_apply(norm.m, orig.pnt);
I tracked the error and I found that in the general setup of the
function ft_electroderealign, the line:

ft_preamble trackconfig

Is changing the name of the cfg.elec.pnt variable for:


I think that is the origin or the error, because I am losing the pnt
field.  Any suggestions?


Juan Pablo Neira Vesga
Christian Albrecht Universit├Ąt zu Kiel

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