[FieldTrip] change in filter order for 'fir' type

Johanna Zumer johanna.zumer at donders.ru.nl
Mon Nov 14 16:19:17 CET 2011

Dear FieldTrip users,

As of tonight's FT version, the filter order for the 'fir' filter will
change.   It used to be set to 25 by default, but now will be a 'smarter'
value based on your data and filter requests.   You can still override this
by setting, for example, cfg.bpfiltord=25; in order to obtain equivalent
results as before if you typically used the default.

By default, filtering in FT uses the Butterworth filter ('butter') instead
of 'fir'; this default filter-type has not changed, and the filter-order
for 'butter' has not changed either.

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