[FieldTrip] Automatic artifact rejection after manual artifact rejection

Mehmet-Akif Coskun mcoskun at mail.uh.edu
Mon Nov 14 13:42:08 CET 2011

Dear Fieldtrippers,

I would like to get some suggestions and comments on two issues.

1) Is that a good idea to do an automatic artifact rejection (using ft_artifact_zvalue) after a visual rejection+ICA? I am wondering whether any problems occur by doing so (such as removing useful data, adding noise).

2) The second issue is about visual rejection of continuous rest data. While doing a visual artifact rejection on continuous data using ft_browser and removing the artifacts, the long continuous data is automatically chopped off. For example if your data is 0-10 seconds and data between 1-2s are artifacts and you remove it, you will end up with tho segments (from 0-1s and 2-10s). Is it okay to just simply append the two portions since its resting data or will it cause a discontinuity. In case of a discontinuity, what should be done?

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

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