[FieldTrip] Problem with recent version of eeglab2fieldtrip

Rodolphe Nenert batrod at gmail.com
Tue May 17 20:50:43 CEST 2011

Dear Fieldtrip users,

Recently i experienced problems doing sone Time-freq analysis and i realized
it's coming from the eeglab2fieldtrip function and more precisely one line
that has been changed, apparently without being reported on the eeglab
revision history and neither in fieldtrip revision history (but i may be
wrong with this last one, i checked very quickly on google code)

The problem occurs at the Line 47:

data.label = { EEG.chanlocs(1:EEG.nbchan).labels }; % Eeglab version

data.label = { EEG.chanlocs(EEG.icachansind).labels }; % Eeglab verion

The old version works, whereas the new version will cause problem if you
dont perform an ICA with eeglab, prior to the conversion.

Hope this helps,

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