[FieldTrip] questions about realtime buffer

SERPOLLET Amélie 228173 amelie.serpollet at cea.fr
Tue May 17 15:58:49 CEST 2011

Dear Fieldtrip users,


I'm implementing a realtime buffer in C++ pretty much like in "demo_combined" : my application creates a buffer server and an acquisition client.

I encountered a first problem when trying to close the buffer server cleanly, but with some small changes in tcpsocket.c and tcpserver.c, I think I solved the problem.

If these modifications can be useful for other users and do not create other problems, I will share them.


I encounter now a new problem : what if there are several acquisition clients ? 

I tried to create several couples "buffer-server + acquisition client" in different threads in my application, but it does not work at all, because of global variables (I suppose).

It seems that one buffer server can not manage several acquisition clients, but I'm not sure of this point.

Did anyone encounter this problem (or solve it) ?

Or do anyone have an idea ? 


Best regards,

Amelie Serpollet



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