[FieldTrip] ft_multiplotTFR.m crashing Linux machine

Roemer van der Meij r.vandermeij at donders.ru.nl
Wed May 25 00:23:58 CEST 2011

Hi David,

Depending on what you mean by crashing, it could be the opengl drivers. 
I've experienced similar issues with complex plotting functions. Try 
creating the figure-window (note, not the plot) using the zbuffer to 
circumvent it by figure('renderer','zbuffer')

Hope it helps,

On 24-May-11 14:47, David Groppe wrote:
> Hi there,
>     My lab is running MATLAB 7.8 on a Linux network and when we plot
> spectrograms using ft_multiplotTFR.m the computer we're using will
> often reboot.  It appears to happen most often (if not exclusively),
> when we close the figure window produced by ft_multiplotTFR.m.  The
> problem happens even if we create non-interactive figures (i.e., we
> set cfg.interactive to 'no') or run MATLAB in the -nojvm mode (i.e.,
> Java disabled).  Has anyone else had this problem?   Does anyone have
> an idea as to what a solution might be?  Puzzlingly, we don't have
> this problem when running MATLAB on a Mac.
>            much appreciated,
>                  -David

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