[FieldTrip] Summary of changes to Fieldtrip?

Gio Piantoni g.piantoni at nin.knaw.nl
Sat Mar 19 15:04:37 CET 2011

Hi David,

The best way I found to keep track of the updates is to use the
fieldtrip page on google code:


Take some time to explore it. Google code keeps all the updates and
functions well organized. You can even subscribe to the RSS with all
the updates (updated every night).

Hope this helps,


On Fri, Mar 18, 2011 at 16:54, David Groppe <dgroppe at cogsci.ucsd.edu> wrote:
> Hi all,
>   I just discovered that at some point in the past few weeks,
> Fieldtrip's cluster-based permutation test code was changed so that
> now the p-values in stats{#}.negclusters or stats{#}.posclusters are
> adjusted to reflect the tail of the test (before the p-values in those
> fields were always for one tailed tests and inaccurate for two-tailed
> tests).  This came as a surprise and would have messed up some of my
> analysis scripts if I hadn't noticed.  When I download a new version
> of Fieldtrip is there a good way to see what's changed since the last
> version I downloaded, so that I can avoid such surprises in the
> future?
>     much thanks,
>         -David
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