[FieldTrip] Summary of changes to Fieldtrip?

Eric Maris e.maris at donders.ru.nl
Fri Mar 18 22:09:22 CET 2011

Dear David,

We are currently working on a consistent way of calculating one- and
two-sided p-values that is valid for all types of statistical tests that can
be performed in Fieldtrip (cluster-based and non-cluster-based permutation
tests, univariate tests, ...). Soon, you can expect a posting from us on the
FT discussion list in which we will inform the users about how FT calculates
the different types of p-values.


Eric Maris

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> Hi all,
>    I just discovered that at some point in the past few weeks,
> Fieldtrip's cluster-based permutation test code was changed so that
> now the p-values in stats{#}.negclusters or stats{#}.posclusters are
> adjusted to reflect the tail of the test (before the p-values in those
> fields were always for one tailed tests and inaccurate for two-tailed
> tests).  This came as a surprise and would have messed up some of my
> analysis scripts if I hadn't noticed.  When I download a new version
> of Fieldtrip is there a good way to see what's changed since the last
> version I downloaded, so that I can avoid such surprises in the
> future?
>      much thanks,
>          -David
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