[FieldTrip] ft_databrowser and multiplot

Robert Oostenveld r.oostenveld at donders.ru.nl
Wed Mar 16 16:59:31 CET 2011

Hi Julian

cfg.selectmode=eval causes cfg.selfun to be evaluated with feval. The  
default function to be evaluated is browse_multiplotER, which is  
located in fieldtrip/private. Other functions that are supplied for  
this purpose in fieldtrip are

Each of those functions takes a cfg and a "raw data" structure as  
input. The raw data structure that it gets contains one trial,  
corresponding with the selection that you just clicked. The cfg that  
it gets is the cfg.selcfg field from the cfg that you specify to  
ft_databrowser. I suggest you have a look at the code of those  
functions, they are really simple.

So specifying (to ft_databorwser)
   cfg.selectmode = 'eval'
   cfg.selcfg.layout = '4D148.lay'
should solve your problem.

Please note that the idea is that people make their own "browsefuns/ 
selfuns", just like trialfuns. E.g. depending on your data, you might  
want to baselinecorrect, filter or do something else. You could also  
to a (one-trial) mtmfft and then use multiplotER to plot the power  


PS I just detected an error with the layout in browse_movieplotER,  
I'll fix that and make some updates to the other browse_xxx functions.  
If you want to follow up on them, I suggest you do an update of  
fieldtrip tomorrow.

PS2 specifying cfg.layout at the main level for ft_databrowser is for  
visualising independent components, i.e. data that is the output of  

On 16 Mar 2011, at 16:31, Julian Keil wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> when looking at the help file for ft_databrowser.m, I saw the option  
> cfg.selectmode which, when set to 'eval' calls the multiplotER- 
> function.
> Unfortunately, the databrowser then crashes as no layout has been  
> specified.
> Is there any way to specify a layout so that the multiplotER can be  
> successfully executed?
> I tried cfg.layout='4D148.lay', but without any luck.
> Thanks a lot
> Julian

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