[FieldTrip] Dipole time course

Mehmet-Akif Coskun mcoskun at mail.uh.edu
Wed Mar 16 23:26:01 CET 2011

Dear FieldTrippers;

I recently start using fieldtrip and so please tolerate if these issues are straightforward.

i need to fit dipoles to M50 and M100 component of my ERPs and get the dipole time course (and also i will need the leadfields because i want to project leadfields of one source to another ERP).
I don't have any MR data. All i have is the raw data, config and hsfiles ( I am using a 248 4D MEG system). I have been told that without any MR, i can still do this in fieldtrip.
I tried using ft_dipolefitting and but since i don't have any volume conduction model, it doesnt work.

So i wonder if there are any predefined models. If not, are there any functions to use to create a model from what i have? 

Any help will be greatly appreciated and thanks all for your interest
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