[FieldTrip] Possible bug in ft_databrowser...

Marco Dahmane marco.dahmane at gmail.com
Wed Mar 23 17:28:16 CET 2011

... or possible bug in my brain ?

Hello all,

Since today I have an error when I call ft_databrowser to visualize my
(raw) data. I can't really figure out what has changed in my code
since yesterday though.

Here's the error :

> ??? Error using ==> horzcat
> CAT arguments dimensions are not consistent.
> Error in ==> ft_databrowser at 161
>   trlorg = [data.sampleinfo data.offset];

Adding a single quote after data.offset in ft_databrowser however
fixes the issue but I am afraid that all hell is going to break loose
once I modify FT's code myself.

Can you help me find what's wrong?

> > ft_checkdata(newdata)
> ans =
> trial: {1x140 cell}
> time: {1x140 cell}
> hdr: [1x1 struct]
> label: {42x1 cell}
> fsample: 400
> sampleinfo: [140x2 double]
> cfg: [1x1 struct]

Thanks a lot,

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