[FieldTrip] Trigger channel for edf

Ivano Triggiani ivano_triggiani at yahoo.it
Sun Mar 20 13:24:09 CET 2011


just wanna tell you that changing MATLAB version now everything works!!! 
Actually I'm using a 2010 version (own by a friend of mine) and everything seems 
to work.
However it coul be useful for other users to know that reading edf files, 
fieldtrip uses a particular field of the edf header called "number of data 
records" ( http://www.edfplus.info/specs/edf.html ) and another called " 
duration of data records" that not correspond (at least for my files...) at real 
number of events occurred. So in my trigger function I have to ignore those 
informations (or change header of my file!)
Thanks to all.


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