[FieldTrip] cfg.method = 'sam'

Elena Orekhova Elena.Orekhova at neuro.gu.se
Fri Jun 3 14:57:47 CEST 2011

Dear colleagues,
Sorry, I posted much on the list recent time. I want to figure out how to run SAM analysis on my data.

When I run 'lcmv' beamformer on my averaged dataset it works fine:
cfg        = [];
cfg.grad            = hdr.grad;
cfg.method =  'lcmv';
cfg.grid   = grid;
cfg.vol    = vol_cm;
cfg.keepfilter = 'yes'
cfg.channel    = MAG; %MAG = {'MEG0721', 'MEG0731',... }
source  = ft_sourceanalysis(cfg, tlckavg);

When I do the same with   cfg.method =  'sam'  option,
I get the error:
??? Undefined function or method 'beamformer_sam' for input arguments of type 'struct'.

Error in ==> sourceanalysis at 1158
      dip(i) = beamformer_sam(grid, sens, vol, squeeze(avg(i,:,:)), squeeze(Cy(i,:,:)),

Error in ==> ft_sourceanalysis at 11
[varargout{1:nargout}] = funhandle(varargin{:});

Does anybody know how to make the ‘SAM’ option to work?
Does anybody used cfg.method =  'sam'  option in the Fieldtrip???

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