[FieldTrip] influences between the regions

Yossi Arzouan yossiarzouan at ucla.edu
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Dear Aka

if that is still relevant maybe our lately published paper on connectivity
using Complexity System approach can be a starting point :


Big Words, Halved Brains and Small Worlds: Complex Brain Networks of
Figurative Language Comprehension

Best Wishes


On Sun, May 29, 2011 at 10:26 AM, Michael Wibral <michael.wibral at web.de>wrote:

> Dear Aka,
> there is a connectivity Toolbox in fieldtrip, isn't there?
> At least I know there was something under development so maybe someone on
> the list can help out.
> If that doesn't help or if you are specifically interested in information
> transfer you might also try the transfer entropy toolbox 'TRENTOOL'  (
> www.trentool.de).
> Michael
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>   Dear experts
> After analyzing memory experiment EEG/MEG and source localization data, i
> figured out that there is little I can say about the interactions between
> the activated regions as I don’t have any information about the connection
> between the activated areas.
> So I was wondering if there are some useful works/tools that I can use to
> explorer the influences between the regions (such as information transfer
> from one region to the other).
> Thanks a lot
> Aka
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