[FieldTrip] Test interactions for multi-level factors

Bornali Kundu bornalikundu at gmail.com
Tue Jun 7 22:01:46 CEST 2011


We are interested in testing the main effects and interactions between 2
factors that have more than 2 levels (a 2x4 within subjects design) using
the cluster-based permutation test for either time domain or time-frequency
domain data.  Has anyone done this using Fieldtrip scripts?  There is only
one such contrast for a 2x2 design thus the interaction effects can be
tested using a t test on design cell differences.  However, for a factor
with more levels, is there a way to perhaps specify contrasts to test the
full effect of the interaction?  Would setting cfg.contrastcoefs to
something work?  Otherwise, is there a way to specify this in cfg.design?

Thanks so much for your time,

Bornali Kundu
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