[FieldTrip] fieldtrip Digest, Vol 7, Issue 13

Valentin J. Umbach valentin.umbach at hu-berlin.de
Tue Jun 7 13:47:18 CEST 2011

Dear Robert,

thank you for your helpful information. The Problem seems to be that I
only have the "Developer" version of the headset (and the accompanying
SDK), whereas the one used in the interface is the "Researcher"
version (or above). The DLL (and header files) supplied in my SDK
lacks some of the functions used in emotiv2ft. So I either have to
upgrade my SDK or rewrite the interface to only use my functionality
(at this point I'm not interested in the "raw" EEG, but rather the
output of Emotiv's own "EmoEngine" - this should work with my


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> Dear Valentin
> The interface was implemented by Stefan Klanke here at the Donders for the BrainGain project, but he is not  working with us any more. He has been testing it and it worked for him. I don't have an emotiv headset myself, but think that Ali Bahramisharif (CC), one of our colleagues, is in possession of the headset that Stefan used for testing.
> I checked the fieldtrip/realtime/acquisition/emotiv/emotiv2ft.cc source code, and from what I see it it requires additional software from emotiv that is not included with the fieldtrip release. See http://emotiv.com/developer/SDK/UserManual.pdf and specifically chapter 5. If that emotiv software developers kit is missing from your computer, you'll be getting errors that the compiler cannot find the edk.h, EmoStateDLL.h and/or edkErrorCode.h header files. It might also be that you need import libraries on your compile path. Please have a look in fieldtrip/realtime/acquisition/emotiv/Makefile for some further instructions.
> Hope this helps. If not, Ali (CC) might be able to provide some additional information.
> best,
> Robert

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