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Dear Margit
with a previous version of fieldtrip I found that not only the location of
the electrodes was not in the data structure but also the EEG data. this is
when specifying channel = 'EEG'; giving it the channel labels solved it-
{'E1' E2' ... 'En'}; if I remember well the elec position was read then. if
worse comes to worst you can try reading the EEG location with msi >>
matlab<http://biomag.wikidot.com/msi-matlab>tool. I assume the
electrodes were digitized.

2011/7/1 Schönherr, Margit <Margit.Schoenherr at uk-erlangen.de>

> Hello,
> we are using a 4D Neuroimaging device with 248 magnetometers. When reading
> combined MEG and EEG data sets, there is no elec data structure which would
> contain information about the electrode positions,labels... At line 161, the
> ft_read_header function calls
> hdr.grad = bti2grad(orig);
> which only returns the grad structure, whereas for Neuromag data at line
> 1056
> [hdr.grad, elec] = mne2grad(orig);
> has 2 outputs.
> There doesn't seem to be anything implemented for getting the electrode
> positions, is there? I am using fieldtrip-20110603. Is anyone currently
> working on this, or has already solved the problem?
> Thank you,
> Margit
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a link to the BIU MEG lab:

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