[FieldTrip] electrode positions of 4D data

Schönherr, Margit Margit.Schoenherr at uk-erlangen.de
Fri Jul 1 12:33:00 CEST 2011


we are using a 4D Neuroimaging device with 248 magnetometers. When reading combined MEG and EEG data sets, there is no elec data structure which would contain information about the electrode positions,labels... At line 161, the ft_read_header function calls

hdr.grad = bti2grad(orig);

which only returns the grad structure, whereas for Neuromag data at line 1056

[hdr.grad, elec] = mne2grad(orig);

has 2 outputs.

There doesn't seem to be anything implemented for getting the electrode positions, is there? I am using fieldtrip-20110603. Is anyone currently working on this, or has already solved the problem?

Thank you,

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