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Hi Shogo,

After computing your cluster-level statistics you indeed take the 
largest one, and this will be compared to the permutation distribution. 
However, this distribution is constructed by doing the following e.g. 
500 times:
1) randomly swapping the units of observation (UO) between conditions 
(in case of a between UO design)
2) computing your cluster-level-statistic for this random combination of UOs
3) taking the largest of these (largest of /all clusters/ in this random 
permutation, not a /'selected' cluster/)
This will result in 500 'largest cluster-level-statistics'. If your 
original statistic is bigger/smaller than a certain percentage, say 95% 
when testing single-sided to an alpha of 0.05, then you reject the 
null-hypothesis of interchangeability of your conditions. Whether it 
should be bigger or smaller depends on your direction of testing.

Hope this helps,


On 9-1-2011 3:03, ?? ?? wrote:
> Dear Dr Eric Maris and members of Fieldtrip mailing list
> At first, I'm sorry for my poor English.
> I'm a post-doc research fellow of Department of Neuropsychiatry, 
> Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan.
> I'm studying about auditory abnormalities in mental disorders, for 
> example, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, using MEG.
> I'm very impressed and interested in Dr Eric Maris and Dr Robert 
> Oostenveld paper, "Nonparametrical statistical testing of EEG and MEG 
> data, on Journal of Neuroscience Methods, 2007".
> I'd like to apply their stastical methods to our data, but there are 
> some points that I can't understand in their paper.
> Those are about cluster-based statistics.
> In the right column in page 180 in their paper, they wrote 5 steps of 
> statistics methods. At 5th step, they take the largest of the 
> cluster-level statistics, then how do they test this largest of the 
> cluster-level statistics?
> I thought that, after 5th step, I should make the permutation 
> distribution of cluster-level statistics of selected cluster, and I 
> should test the given cluster-level statistics with this permutation 
> distribution. Is this right?
> Any answer will help me.
> Best regards,
> Shogo Hirano, M.D., Ph.D.
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