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Tom Campbell tom_campbell75 at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 27 00:26:27 CET 2011

Dear Eric Maris, Robert Oostenveld and colleagues,
I write with some queries with reference to your previous correspondence on the Fieldtrip listserv and would very much appreciate if you could please answer them.
I am trying to use Fieldtrip to analyse timelocked ERP data from what is a 16(participant: [1:16]) X2(Background: congruent, incongruent)x2(Stimulus: Animal, Vehicle) design. The code seems to runing well treating this as a 16(participant: [1:16]) X4(Visual stimulus: animal-congruent background, animal-incongruent background, vehicle-congruent, vehicle-incongruent )design with 4 conditions, though I haven't looked at the results of the tests yet. If I then run cluster analyses of differences of theoretical interest via depsamplest, please how would I bonferroni correct? I am interested in what clusters exist in the background and stimulus main effects and their background X stimulus interaction. Please is this possible in fieldtrip to use depsamplesF to work with a Participant X "2-way" design?

Best regards,
Tom Campbell.


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