[FieldTrip] new implementation of wltconvol (renamed to wavelet): specest

Roemer van der Meij r.vandermeij at donders.ru.nl
Thu Jan 6 14:10:04 CET 2011

Hello everybody!

As of today, we have switched to a new implementation for the 
'wltconvol' method for frequency analysis, and it has also been renamed 
to 'wavelet'. For a while now we have been rewriting the low-level code 
in a different format, one that is more flexible to adapt in the future 
and that allows for the low-level algorithms to be downloaded in a 
separate module: /specest/. The changes will be on our ftp-server by 

The switch to the new implementation brings about several changes. With 
respect to the changes are observable to the end-user, there are several 
FAQs created at our wiki.

For the end-user observable changes for 'wavelet' (formerly 
'wltconvol'), please have a look /here/ 
and for a bigger description with respect to your output.freq please go 

Because of these changes, we strongly advise to either use the new or 
the old implementation for your entire analysis project. The old 
implementation is still available by using 'wltconvol_old' as cfg.method 
(however, this code no longer being updated). You can call also call the 
function: ft_freqanalysis_old, which is the old interface-function.

If you are interested, you can track the progress of the /specest 
/module by going /here/ 
<http://fieldtrip.fcdonders.nl/development/specest>. As soon as the 
other low-level functions are ready and implemented, another e-mail will 
be sent to the mailing-list.

If anything is unclear, or if there are any bugs that have slipped 
through our fingers, please send an e-mail to the mailing-list and/or 
report a bug in our /Bugzilla bug tracking system 

Kind regards,

Roemer van der Meij

Roemer van der Meij MSc
PhD student
Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour
Centre for Cognition
P.O. Box 9104
6500 HE Nijmegen
The Netherlands
Tel: +31(0)24 3655932
E-mail: r.vandermeij at donders.ru.nl
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