[FieldTrip] problem with ft_read_mri

yacob Jon Mohamady master_engineer07 at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 18 22:42:09 CET 2011

Hi there,

I want to calculate the BEM fo EEG.
When I run this command line:
mri = ft_read_mri('t1_icbm_normal_1mm_pn0_rf0.mnc');
it gives the following error:
Error using ==> spm_platform>init_platform at 173
PCWIN64 not supported architecture for SPM

I have SPM8 and when I change my SPM8 to SPM5 it gives this erros:
Error using ==> fread
Invalid size.

I have windows 7, 64-bit and MATLAB 2010a 64-bit.
Do you know how I can fix the problem, please.

Thank you

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