[FieldTrip] Antw: indepsamplesF vs depsamplesF‏‏

Gregor Volberg Gregor.Volberg at psychologie.uni-regensburg.de
Thu Feb 17 20:48:02 CET 2011

Dear Frederic,

technically, this should not be a problem. You find the available statistics functions in the /statfun directory of your fieldtrip folder (the functions have self-explaining names). The functioin you need can  be specified with cfg.statistic = 'indepsamplesF'. Mind that you also need to modify the cfg.design accordingly, with three categories instead of two.

Best regards,

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>>> Frederic Roux  17.02.11 17.08 Uhr >>>

Dear fieldtrip users,

in the fieldtrip-tutorial about how to compute cluster-based permutation tests for time frequency data
I read that one should use the indepsamplesT statistic for between trials experiments at the single subject level
and the depsamplesT statistic for within trial experiments at the single subject level.

I would like to compute an F-test at the single subject level to test 
between trials effects between 3 conditions, and I was wondering if in 
analogy to the
t-test, I could also use the indepsamplesF statistic?

Any help on this question would be greatly appreciated.




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