[FieldTrip] WPLI weighted phase-locking index: available in fieldtrip?

Gregor Volberg Gregor.Volberg at psychologie.uni-regensburg.de
Fri Feb 11 09:46:51 CET 2011

Dear fieldtrip developers, 

I was just reading the pre-print of an upcoming article in Neuroimage by Martin Vinck, Robert Oostenveld et al., "An improved index of phase-synchronization...". As I understand, the proposed phase-locking index WPLI is not complicated by volume conduction, and an unbiased version of the WPLI can be computed that is not affected by trial number. This would be exactely what I need for the analysis of data from a spatial cueing paradigm. 

In the last paragraph, it is announced that the WPLI is made available in the fieldtrip toolbox. However, I did not yet find it (i was searching for it as an option in ft_connectivityanalysis, last Friday's fieldtrip version). May I ask whether it is planned to include WPLI / debiased WPLI into that function? Or was it perhaps intended to be computed by hand from the cross-spectrum. 

Thanks a lot, 
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