[FieldTrip] Question about SPM brain templates including the cerebellum

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Dear May,

The surface files contain only a triangulation of the neo-cortical  
Typically, software packages creating high-resolution meshes of the  
brain (such as freesurfer) exclude the cerebellum.
For the figures in the famous Schoffelen et al 2008 paper (Neuroimage)  
I created the surfaces (with cerebellum) using a segmented template  
MRI (using SPM) and then, after some image processing (smoothing  
filling etc), called the matlab isosurface function. This gives a  
triangulated surface which can be used for visualization. Note that  
this procedure does not yield topologically a sphere, so it cannot be  
used for inflation.



On Apr 21, 2011, at 2:27 PM, May (Heng-Ru May TAN) wrote:

> Hi
> I was wondering if there exists within the folders of Fieldtrip,  
> surface source-plot MRI templates which includes the cerebellum, and  
> if not, how could one create a template which consists of the  
> cerebellum, too?
> Any help would be gratefully appreciated!
> Thanks.
> May
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