[FieldTrip] PLV/coherence on Neuromag gradiometer data

David Ziegler daz at MIT.EDU
Tue Apr 26 17:42:36 CEST 2011

Hi Fieldtrippers,

I am interested in analyzing PLV or coherence in my MEG data from a 
Neuromag 306 system.  In the past, for looking at power alone, I have 
calculated TFRs on the gradiometer data, then ran ft_combineplanar to 
average the gradiometer pairs.  Should I use the same approach for 
calculating the cross-spectral density, or does this create any problems 
when I go to combine the results for gradiometer pairs?  In particular, 
I am trying to wrap my head around how I would set up cfg.channelcmb if 
I want to look at all channel pairs, but then want to subsequently 
perform ft_combineplanar. (or maybe this is the wrong approach altogether?)



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