single trial/channel phase angles

Karl Doron karl.doron at GMAIL.COM
Wed Mar 10 14:36:49 CET 2010


I'm looking at some MEG data and have a hypothesis about cross frequency
coupling. Specifically, a relationship between lower frequency phase and
higher frequency amplitudes. I'm trying to save and view the phase angles
after doing wavelet analysis using wltconvol. 

If this is implemented -great! Otherwise, it seems that somewhere after line
216 of ft_freqanalysis_wltconvol.m (after the ifft), I should be able to
save the complex numbers and use angle(input) to find the phase angle of
each time point on a trial by trial basis. It seems easier to do in the
'tfr' wavelet code, but the time domain covolution is very slow.

Thanks for any help!

Karl Doron

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