tinv / several questions

jan-mathijs schoffelen jan.schoffelen at DONDERS.RU.NL
Tue Jan 19 11:31:26 CET 2010

Dear Andrea,

Could I answer question 1 and 4, and leave the others to someone else?

> 1) cohspctrm: I would like to feed coherence data exported from BESA
> to
> ft_freqstatistics. The data have been brought to resemble the output
> of
> ft_freqanalysis so the data field has explicitly been renamed to
> "powspctrm"
> (and it works). Is this correct? (I have looked through the
> beginning of the
> ft_freqstatistics code and it looks as if the existence of the
> 'cohspctrm'
> field would lead to the input being brought to the format I put in.)

As far as I can see, it can be done in two ways:

1 cfg.parameter = 'cohspctrm' and the input data is just untouched
(i.e. data.cohspctrm not renamed into data.powspctrm)
2 cfg.parameter = 'powspctrm' (or empty, then it takes the default,
which is 'powspctrm'), and the input data changes so that .cohspctrm
is manually renamed into .powspctrm

I would propose to use method 1. The reason for this is that in the
future we will make the code 'smarter' such that it can directly deal
with parameters, other than powspctrm directly (without the need of
working around it; either within or outside freqstatistics)

> 4) Lately, some "nan" functions have been added to the statfun/private
> folder because they are not found otherwise in case somebody does
> not have
> access to the MATLAB statistics toolbox. May I suggest that a copy
> of tinv.m
> be added, too? (I also placed a copy of nanmean in public/private
> because I
> got an error message in avgoverdim.)

Yes, sorry about that. I added a symbolic link to fieldtrip/private/
nanmean.m in fieldtrip/public/private. This is how it should be done,
because this way we only use 1 physical copy of a file, rather than
duplicating the files in different places (running the risk that they
start leading a life of their own). I also created links for tinv and
tcdf in statfun/private. I  guess you should be able to directly
update these changes (svn update).

> I am really impressed with the Fieldtrip software and also with the
> exchange
> on the mailing list!

Thanks. Keep up the good work.


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