tinv / several questions

Andrea Ostendorf aostendorf at BESA.DE
Tue Jan 19 10:30:38 CET 2010

Dear Fieldtrip experts,

I am currently working on a script for the evaluation of BESA TFC data with
Fieldtrip and have found the tutorials and sample scripts a great help.
Nevertheless, I have got a few, probably rather basic, questions and would
be thankful for help.

1) cohspctrm: I would like to feed coherence data exported from BESA to
ft_freqstatistics. The data have been brought to resemble the output of
ft_freqanalysis so the data field has explicitly been renamed to "powspctrm"
(and it works). Is this correct? (I have looked through the beginning of the
ft_freqstatistics code and it looks as if the existence of the 'cohspctrm'
field would lead to the input being brought to the format I put in.)

2) ft_clusterplot: Since cfg.highlight has changed, I keep getting a warning
although I have now switched the setting to cfg.highlight = 'on'. Is there a
possibility to implement something like the following example (taken from
the tutorial on cluster-based permutation tests on event-related fields)?

     pos_int = mean(pos(:,m(k):m(k+1))')';
     neg_int = mean(neg(:,m(k):m(k+1))')';
     cfg.highlight = find (pos_int==1|neg_int==-1);

3) Clustering over channels:
Is it correct that I can prevent clustering over channels by setting
cfg.neighbours = {} ? Is it correct to use this option also if I want to
average over channels (avgoverchans = 'yes')?

4) Lately, some "nan" functions have been added to the statfun/private
folder because they are not found otherwise in case somebody does not have
access to the MATLAB statistics toolbox. May I suggest that a copy of tinv.m
be added, too? (I also placed a copy of nanmean in public/private because I
got an error message in avgoverdim.)

I am really impressed with the Fieldtrip software and also with the exchange
on the mailing list!

Best regards to all of you

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