read_event for Neuromag 122 trigger events

Yang Zhang zhang470 at UMN.EDU
Fri Jan 8 07:43:28 CET 2010

More details for Fieldtrip developers: I tried modifying read_event.m for my
Neuromag-122 data as follows for the Neuromag part since Neuromag 122 is a
pretty old system. 
    if isempty(binaryindx)&&isempty(analogindx) 
      analog ={'STI 001', 'STI 002', 'STI 003', 'STI 004', 'STI 005','STI
      analogindx = match_str(hdr.label, analog);

 if ~isempty(analogindx)
        trigger = read_trigger(filename, 'header', hdr, 'dataformat',
dataformat, 'begsample', flt_minsample, 'endsample', flt_maxsample,
'chanindx', analogindx, 'detectflank', detectflank, 'trigshift', trigshift,
'fixneuromag', 1);
        event   = appendevent(event, trigger);

I also tried the default to be neuromag_MEX instead of  neuromag_MNE to deal
with the triggers. 

analogindx properly extracted the designated channels for triggers. The
problem seems to be at read_trigger.m and the fixneuromag option. In
read_trigger.m,  all triggers for Neuromag smaller than 5 are excluded when
fixneuromag = 1. This is clearly not applicable to the Neuromag-122 data set
- the common triggers were 1 to 6 for Neuromag-122 system. Regardless of
whether I set fixneuromag to 1 or 0, regardless of whether I use
neuromag_MNE or neuromag_mex, the resulting events for read_event.m did not
look right. 

I tried to rewrite the read_trigger.m, but I knew other ways that worked for
me. I could avoid using fieldtrip. Jensen's 4D toolbox (in combination with
Uutela's fiff access) and the MNEsuite package both worked fine for my
dataset. If possible, I would like to apply Fieldtrip for my data analysis.
Fieldtrip appears to be very powerful and appealing - it worked with all
other data formats for both EEG  and MEG that I have tested so far. 

Thank you very much for your attention.

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