read_event for Neuromag 122 trigger events

Yang Zhang zhang470 at UMN.EDU
Thu Jan 7 00:42:14 CET 2010

Hi, Fieldtrip experts. 

I encountered a problem with read_event.m for preprocessing Neuromag-122
data. There was no such problem for Neuromag-306 data.  Unlike the
Neuromag-306, the triggers for Neuromag-122 were analog signals distributed
over several channels with labels that began with "STI". In my case, 
STI 001 ~ STI 006 were triggers for stimuli of the .fif file.
STI 015 and STI 016 were triggers for behavioral responses.

The MNE package has a routine function, "mne_make_combined_event_file.m", to
extract the Neuromag-122 triggers and save the events as a separate fiff
file. BESA can also read the Neuromag122 data with no problem. Supposedly,
read_event.m in Fieldtrip  has similar capability, but it was somehow stuck
in reading the events in my Neuromag-122 data. 

Example raw data (183M) can be downloaded here: 

Your help is greatly appreciated. 


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