using ica to get occipital component producing alpha in eyes-closed resting eeg

Thomas Hartmann thomas.hartmann at UNI-KONSTANZ.DE
Wed Jan 27 13:57:30 CET 2010

i am looking for a method to identify the component(s) of an eyes-closed
resting-state eeg producing occipital alpha in a single subject. so far,
no method i tried (fastica, sobi) was able to produce such a component,
although topoplots show them very clearly. i also tried to filter the
data using a bandpass filter before letting the ica run.

i have 5 minutes of data available, partly contaminated with
tms-artifacts which i remove beforehand.

does someone know a good and stable approach? maybe i would have to
change the ica-algorithm? is there one specifically looking at

maybe i also use the wrong approach? is there a different option to get
something like a weighting matrix restricted to a specific
frequency-band (and also able to seperate occipital alpha from other
alpha generators like, e.g. temporal, motor etc..)?

thanks in advance!

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