minor bug and beamformer question

Jan Hirschmann Jan.Hirschmann at MED.UNI-DUESSELDORF.DE
Wed Jan 27 10:08:38 CET 2010

Hi everyone!


I would like to report that fieldtrip's read_mri function complains
about not finding the field with the transformation matrix in our
neuomag fiff files. The problem was fixed by my dear colleague Hanneke
by replacing


if issubfield(hdr.voxel_trans, 'trans')
 transform = hdr.voxel_trans.trans;
 elseif issubfield(hdr.trans, 'trans'),
 transform = hdr.trans.trans;
if isfield(hdr, 'voxel_trans')
 transform = hdr.voxel_trans.trans;
 elseif isfield(hdr, 'trans')
 transform = hdr.trans.trans;
Maybe this can be incorporated in future versions. 
Then I do have two questions about beamforming. As I understand it,
beamformer methods such as DICS are able to compute time courses of
brain regions. How can I visualize the time signal of a voxel in
Then I found that after sorting out several trials in my experiment I
was not able to compute the neural activity index anymore, as the noise
estimates for the grid nodes were all either NANs or zeros. I this a
known problem or did I make a mistake somewhere? How could it be fixed?
Thank you very much for your support!


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