Invalid MEX file /Question re: ft_clusterplot

Robert Oostenveld r.oostenveld at FCDONDERS.RU.NL
Sat Feb 27 14:27:09 CET 2010

Dear Andrea


On 22 Feb 2010, at 8:55, Andrea Ostendorf wrote:
> When trying to use read_mri, I encountered the error 
> "??? Invalid MEX-file
> 'D:\FieldTrip\fieldtrip-20100219\external\spm2\spm_slice_vol.dll': The
> specified procedure could not be found.
> Proceeding along the lines suggested in the FAQ - changing to the SPM2
> subdirectory and trying to compile the mex file again (using the MATLAB
> compiler) - I get a long list of error messages, starting with a complaint
> about a missing header file. I attach the complete error messages below. 

It turns out that the set of *.c files in the fieldtrip/external/spm2 directory is incomplete. You should compile the mex files from a complete spm2 version, which you can hget from the FIl website. 

> Regarding ft_clusterplot: I have got the impression that during the check
> for the existence of clusters, ft_clusterplot assumes the existence of both
> positive and negative clusters, provided that there are any at all
> (l.113-115). If there are just positive or negative clusters - as may happen
> in the case of one-sided tests - this can lead to an error such as
> ??? Reference to non-existent field 'negclusters'.
> Error in ==> ft_clusterplot at 119
>  for iNeg = 1:length(stat.negclusters)

You are right. I have made that optional on the presence of positive or negative clusters like this:

if haspos == 0 && hasneg == 0
  fprintf('%s\n','no significant clusters in data; nothing to plot')
  if haspos
    for iPos = 1:length(stat.posclusters)
      sigpos(iPos) = stat.posclusters(iPos).prob < cfg.alpha;
    if hasneg
    for iNeg = 1:length(stat.negclusters)
      signeg(iNeg) = stat.negclusters(iNeg).prob < cfg.alpha;


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