[FieldTrip] Hann taper vs. single Slepian taper

Ingrid Nieuwenhuis inieuwenhuis at berkeley.edu
Sat Dec 18 01:13:12 CET 2010

Dear David,

The Slepian tapers are sets of multiple (orthogonal) tapers, that only 
combined accomplish this "optimally maximized frequency resolution while 
minimizing leakage from distant frequencies". If you use only a single 
taper, the Slepian taper is suboptimal compared to the Hanning taper. 
I've attached some teaching slides I have with some background on 

Hope this helps,

On 12/16/2010 6:01 AM, David Groppe wrote:
> Hi Fieldtripians,
>     Could anyone explain to me when, if ever, it would be better to
> perform a DFT with a Hann taper vs. a single Slepian taper?  It was my
> understanding that Slepian tapers in general optimally maximized
> frequency resolution while minimizing leakage from distant
> frequencies.  However, a colleague of mine says he was told at a
> workshop at the Donders Institute that a Hann taper was better than a
> single Slepian taper (if you are only going to use one taper).
>         thanks for your help,
>              -David

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