[FieldTrip] Debian packaging of fieldtrip

Michael Hanke michael.hanke at gmail.com
Sun Dec 5 22:00:56 CET 2010

On Sat, Dec 04, 2010 at 08:27:25AM -0500, Michael Hanke wrote:
> 2. The repository contains a large number of binaries for various
>    platforms. A Debian package cannot ship any of these, as all binaries
>    have to be buildable from source. Therefore I stripped all MEX
>    extension and third party binaries. This raises the question of how
>    to get them rebuilt ;-)
>    There are no Makefiles, but there is ft_compile_mex.m. However, that
>    doesn't seem to build everything that is shipped with the fieldtrip
>    distribution.

Moreover the current SVN version doesn't run successfully, because it
expects files in different locations. The following patch allows MEX
files to be compiled. However, I'm not sure if this is half-way into a
transition. For example 'routlm' seems to have moved into
forward/private, but is still expected to be in private/. The current
binary distribution also ships it in private/. What is the intented
setup? ft_compile_mex.m now builds 22 of 35 MEX files in the binary
distribution (excluding external ones). 

diff --git a/ft_compile_mex.m b/ft_compile_mex.m
index 9fe1d63..cf191b3 100644
--- a/ft_compile_mex.m
+++ b/ft_compile_mex.m
@@ -51,11 +51,11 @@ L = addSource(L,'forward/private','meg_leadfield1');
 L = addSource(L,'forward/private','lmoutr',[],[],'geometry.c -I.');
 L = addSource(L,'forward/private','solid_angle',[],[],'geometry.c -I.');
 L = addSource(L,'forward/private','ptriproj',[],[],'geometry.c -I.');
+L = addSource(L,'forward/private','routlm',[],[],'geometry.c -I.');
 L = addSource(L,'private','splint_gh');
-L = addSource(L,'private','ltrisect',[],[],'geometry.c -I.');
-L = addSource(L,'private','routlm',[],[],'geometry.c -I.');
-L = addSource(L,'private','plinproj',[],[],'geometry.c -I.');
+L = addSource(L,'private','ltrisect',[],[],'../forward/private/geometry.c -I../forward/private');
+L = addSource(L,'private','plinproj',[],[],'../forward/private/geometry.c -I../forward/private');
 L = addSource(L,'realtime/online_mri','ft_omri_smooth_volume');

Thanks again,


Michael Hanke

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