[FieldTrip] cluster-based permutation tests on MNE-surface data

Meeren.H.K.M. hanneke.meeren at uvt.nl
Wed Dec 29 16:25:49 CET 2010


I would like to perform cluster-based permutation tests on MNE-surface data, which I obtained using the MNE/Freesurfer pipeline. So rather than use the whole FT pipeline and start from scratch, I would like to import my existing source data into FieldTrip, and export the resulting stats to my own matlab visualization tools. Reading the tutorial and reference documentation I understand that I could directly call ft_sourcestatistics, but it is not clear to me what the exact data structure should be for the source data and which fields the cfg should contain. I could not find a tutorial- or example dataset for ft_sourcestatistics. 
For each condition I have the source data in a (subjects x vertices x time) 3d-array for each condition. Is it possible to have a time-dimension in the source-data, or should I first convert to a two-dimensional array subjects x vertices? In addition I have generated a location matrix which contains the x, y, z - coordinates of the vertices of my surface, which I presume is necessary to define neighbors. It is however not clear to me how to pass the location matrix to the function (should it be defined in a cfg field?). I have also tried to search the archives of the discussion list but was unable to find any messages before December 2010.

Does anyone have an example dataset available that can be used as input dataset for sourcestatistics, so I can see what the structure of the data should be? Could someone clarify how I should define the location data? Could someone help me out on how to search through the old messages in the discussion list archives. 

Any help is greatly appreciated, 

Thanks a lot in advance, 


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