Fwd: Post-doctoral training in the Neuroscience of Schizophrenia

Brian Roach brian.roach at YALE.EDU
Fri Aug 27 20:10:21 CEST 2010

Please e-mail me if you are interested in applying to the position
outlined below:

University of California San Francisco
Three post-doctoral fellowships in translational neuroscience of
Sponsor(s): NIMH
Application Date(s): Beginning April 1, 2010

The NIMH-funded T32 Training Grant (Neurobiological mechanisms
underlying the symptoms and course of schizophrenia) at the University
of California in San Francisco is now accepting applications for
post-doctoral fellowships from recent PhDs, MDs, and MD/PhDs.

Trainees will work in labs studying the neurobiological mechanisms of
the symptoms of schizophrenia and its neuro-developmental and
neuro-degenerative course. The core T32 faculty are basic
neuroscientists and psychiatrists, working in genetics, brain imaging,
electrophysiology, and neuroplasticity.  They are: Steve Batki, William
Byerley, Benjamin Cheyette, Allison Doupe, Judith Ford, Steven Hamilton,
Daniel Mathalon, John Rubenstein, Susan Voglmaier, Sophia Vinogradov,
and Mark von Zastrow.

T32 Trainees will have extended experience in a laboratory, leading to
the submission of research papers and grant proposals.  Trainees will be
dual-mentored with Research and Career Mentors to guide them both
formally and informally, through learning neurobiological methods,
producing a body of data, presenting data at national meetings, writing
and publishing papers, preparing grant proposals, and attending local
and national workshops on launching and maintaining successful careers
in biological psychiatry.

We seek applications from ethnically diverse scientists who have strong
academic credentials and US citizenship or permanent residence.  NIH
rules for T32 trainees state, "The individual to be trained must be a
citizen or a noncitizen national of the United States or have been
lawfully admitted for permanent residence by the time of award.
Individuals who have been lawfully admitted for permanent residence must
have a currently valid Alien Registration Receipt Card (I-551) or other
legal verification of such status."

Potential applicants are welcome to contact any of the core faculty
members. An application form is attached.  Additional information can be
found by visiting our website (http://psych.ucsf.edu/t32/neuro_scz).

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