manually specifying fiducial positions in MRI structure

Markus Bauer m.bauer at UCL.AC.UK
Sat Apr 17 16:22:44 CEST 2010

Hi Vladimir

> When building the head model SPM generated some .gii files that should
> be at the same location where your individual MRIs were. If you load
> the one corresponding to the cortex with something like:
> m = export(gifti('filename.gii'), 'ft');
> you can take m.pnt and put it in the source structure instead of
> source.pos there.

thanks, I actually had used this structure to define the grid-positions
for the leadfields (in one approach)

grid.pos = forward.forward.mesh.vert;

obtained from the headmodel.
I had been struggling to interpolate this to an anatomical MRI but will
look more carefully into the link from Robert

that you kindly sent me.

Thanks a lot so far for your help!!


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