Failure of recognizing 32-bit NeuroScan data

Dan Zhang zd8472 at GMAIL.COM
Fri Apr 9 05:34:46 CEST 2010


I found another problem regarding my data following the above suggestions.
Although ft_preprocessing can work well with the 32-bit data with the manual
input, ft_definetrial and ft_artifact_eog (and other reading related
functions) are not compatible with the 32-bit NeuroScan processing. 

For example, in line 105 of ft_artifact_zvalue.m, the read_header() function
was evoked without the 'headerformat' parameter.
There are several other places with the same problem, I listed what I can
find below:

line 50, trialfun_general.m - read_header(), check if headerformat is provided 
line 59, trialfun_general.m - read_event(), check if headerformat is provided 
line 105 & 1152, read_event.m - the reading of neuroscan data is based on a
new parameter called eventformat, which is not connected to the headerformat
line 149, ft_artifact_zvalue.m - check if headerformat and dataformat are
line 661, read_data - if the field of dataformat already exists, do not
override it

I cannot guarantee that all the places were found, but at least my data can
be loaded correctly if the above places were fixed. 


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