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Fri May 29 14:28:24 CEST 2009

NeuroSpin MEG at CEA Paris, France is recruiting TWO engineers




Work Environment

The Magnetoencephalography (MEG) center is a recent addition to  
NeuroSpin, a neuroimaging platform located 20 km south of Paris in the  
Centre d'Energie Atomique (CEA). The CEA is an international  
scientific center that offers state-of-the-art equipment and  
opportunities for career growth. Two groups, the Cognitive  
Neuroimaging Unit (INSERM U562) and theNanomagnetism group closely  
collaborate on different aspects of the MEG technique: the Cognitive  
Neuroimaging Unit, part of the Life Sciences department, investigates  
human cognition at large (including consciousness, language,  
mathematics and perception research); the Nanomagnetism group, part of  
the Physics department, investigates new sensors for novel biomedical  
imaging devices.

Positions Statement

RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT ENGINEER: the ideal candidate is a technically  
oriented researcher who will insure the daily technical maintenance  
(hardware and software) of the MEG and electroencephalography (EEG)  
equipment. He/she will be encouraged to develop autonomy in doing so,  
and use his/her organizational skills to develop a set of control  
quality assessments for these systems. This part of the work will be  
done in close association with the electronics engineer. The position  
also involves interacting with an international team of researchers  
and clinical staff for the implementation of experimental work in both  
patients and healthy individuals. The research engineer will be  
encouraged to invest part of his/her time into research both at the  
technical (for instance, in developing innovative analysis techniques)  
and/or at a scientific level (e.g. cognitive neurosciences and/or  
clinical). The research engineer will mostly work with the Cognitive  
Neuroimaging Unit and interact closely with the electronics engineer.

Required Skills

§         PhD education (physics, neurosciences, engineering …).

§         Mastering of fundamentals in MEG and EEG techniques

§         Good programming skills (e.g. Matlab, C ++, shell…)

§         English and French proficiency (opportunities to learn  
either available)

§         Mastering of signal processing and associated tools (e.g.  
EEGlab, Fieldtrip, MNE, SPM, NutMeg …) a plus!

Type of Position

This Ingénieur de Recherche (IR) is a category A position in the  
French public services.  Selection is competitive and the start date  
is 01/01/2010. The deadline to download the application package is  
July 7th 2009. The deadline for submission of your application package  
is July 9th 2009. Application packages can be downloaded from the  
INSERM Human Resources website ( Applicants selected  
by the search committee will be contacted personally for the open  
competition. Prior to application, interested applicants are  
encouraged to contact the search committee (emails listed at the end  
of this flyer).

ELECTRONICS ENGINEER: the ideal candidate is an expert in electronics  
who will work at the interface of physics research and medical  
applications. He/she will be in charge of developing interfaces for  
analog/digital electronics associated with new low field magnetic  
sensors and necessary signal processing and computing tools.  
Specifically, the complex multiple sensor arrays being designed will  
require sophisticated interfacing, prototyping at various stages of  
the project and validation for diverse type of applications (including  
magnetocardiography, combined low field MRI and MEG, in adults and  
children).  The chosen candidate will interface between the cognitive  
neuroimaging unit and the nanomagnetism group on a regular basis while  
working more closely with the nanomagnetism group. His/her autonomy  
and initiative taking will be encouraged.

Required Skills

§         PhD education (physics, electronics, engineering …).

§         Expertise in electronics, general knowledge of mathematics  
and physics

§         English and French proficiency (opportunities to learn  
either available)

Type de Position

Fixed-term contract from 10/01/2009 to 12/31/2010.

Salaries depend on the experience of the candidate and will be based  
on the INSERM rate (yearly gross income from 27 K€ with no experience  
to 32 K€). Application packages MUST be received by July 9th 2009. For  
further information on these two positions, please contact:  
Claude.Fermon AT, Myriam.Pannetier AT, Stanislas.Dehaene  
AT, Virginie.van-Wassenhove AT
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