Problem with freqstatistics

Jean-Michel Badier jean-michel.badier at UNIVMED.FR
Wed May 27 21:16:12 CEST 2009

Dear Fieldtrip mailing list members,

I am a quite new user of fieldtrip (version 10090331).
I have been trying to use it for analyzing distribution of frequencies
on MEG signal between two events of a task.
The last command using freqstatistics result of an error message.
I decided to run the tutorial "Cluster-based permutation tests on
time-frequency data" in order to compare the organization my data set
compared with the one in the data set. In fact I got the same bug with
the tutorial data set that is for the tutorial data set:

selected 149 channels
selected 61 time bins
selected 1 frequency bins
Warning: PACK can only be used from the MATLAB command line.
 > In fieldtrip-20090331/private/prepare_timefreq_data at 314
  In fieldtrip-20090331/private/statistics_wrapper at 315
  In freqstatistics at 137
Using the gradiometer configuration from the dataset.
there are on average 4.7 neighbours per channel
using "statistics_montecarlo" for the statistical testing
using "statfun_indepsamplesT" for the single-sample statistics
constructing randomized design
total number of measurements     = 149
total number of variables        = 1
number of independent variables  = 1
number of unit variables         = 0
number of within-cell variables = 0
number of control variables      = 0
using a permutation resampling approach
computing a parmetric threshold for clustering
Warning: Not all replications are used for the computation of the
 > In statfun_indepsamplesT at 90
  In statistics_montecarlo at 275
  In fieldtrip-20090331/private/statistics_wrapper at 381
  In freqstatistics at 137
Undefined function or method 'tinv' for input arguments of type 'double'.
??? Error using ==> statistics_montecarlo at 278
could not determine the parametric critical value for clustering

Error in ==> statistics_wrapper at 381
  [stat, cfg] = statmethod(cfg, dat,;

Error in ==> freqstatistics at 137
[stat] = statistics_wrapper(cfg, varargin{:});


Any idea or suggestion about that problem?



Jean-Michel Badier

Laboratoire de MagnétoEncéphaloGraphie

INSERM U751. Aix Marseille Université

33 (0)4 91 38 55 62

_jean-michel.badier at univmed.fr_ <mailto:jean-michel.badier at>

Service de Neurophysiologie Clinique. CHU Timone

264 Rue Saint-Pierre, 13005 Marseille-France

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